Adopted Water Use Efficiency Concepts

  • lower Capillary suppression and reclamation of unproductive salinity affected lands of about 6000 ha.
  • Enhance ground water storage when it is at low volume level during July / Aug and thereby irrigate small area farms under cash crops of about 1000 ha
  • Encourage the Water sharing principle by reducing cropping intensity least 0.05 ( i.e. from CI of 1.5 to 1.45 = 425 ha Yala ) to about 800 ha non gazetted land with effective rainfall use at 7ML/ha. A nett productive increase forĀ  the district
  • Encourage water trading to purchase water ( liquid Gold) with demanding competitive users
  • Piping and lined canals to reduce the conveyance losses
  • Harnessing downstream runoff and mismatch water for beneficial use
  • Reuse the harnessed water through online reuse pump when there is supply is more than demand and kept the intended water in the Iranmadu dam as a saved water.
  • Using the same diversion facility to supply 15 GL water after Yala ( slack in the system) via drop off facilities
  • Managing the irrigation supply and demand for the new 870 ha non-Gazetted land via a 1GL balancing storage
  • Cost effective way of transfer 7GL water JWS to intended cabinet approved Sarasalai storage for 20 ML/day system continuously drawn from VEL storage in compensating to 1000 ha Maha land out of reclaimed land of 6000 ha or with additional traded water. ( storage capacity reduction and pump capacity reduction)
  • Airspace and spillway management ( total of 4 out of 10 years) to reduce the flood and RfJ via Thondamanaru barrage after filling all the lagoons only if it can accommodate without any flooding in Jaffna peninsula.
  • Provisional Wet season storage at Yakachi filled by gravity ( totalĀ  of 4 out 10 yesrs) with the same infrastructure during Iranamdu spill or at airspace storage level. This storage will be filled ( just after Uriyan storage at full capacity) to a water level of 4.5 m a MSL for a potential horticulture new Irrigation of 500 ha. For the balance 6 out of 10years , 3GL water ( part of the 6GL over and beyond the 870 ha mentioned above under KIA) will be used .
  • Reverse Venturi concept to enhanse lower channel velocity through kinematic head to static head.
  • Catchment change for flood aleviation from VEL to EPL via Link canal operating in opposite direction with the same structure used for flushout for initial operation stage. This enable to keep up the CAPP 15% environmental flow to EPL intact. A loop system during wet period.

Project Presentation